Grandma Viola

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The Dresden-born viola was until the turn of a good housewife and citizen of the workers and peasants state. In the mid-1990s, she left home and hearth to live out her own inclinations. After first on-night dates and Swingerclub experiences she went more and more into the semi-professional field. For porn producers, she went to the camera and at times she worked as a party girl and escort. Viola loves to be available as a submissive slave to a men's group and to be treated as a slave. For years, Viola moved through the Republic, until she retired completely and now enjoys her retiree existence.

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1.72 meters (ca. 5β€²8β€³)
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38 (according to EU standard)

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Fucked in the sauna 0

Fucked in the sauna

2021-09-28Christina, Grandma Viola, and Marion16:50 minutesFucking, Orgasms, Orgy
Hot and horny 0

Hot and horny

2021-08-23Christina, Grandma Viola, and Marion6:25 minutesAmateur, Grannies, Milf
Addressed on the street 2 0

Addressed on the street 2

2021-08-21Christina, Grandma Viola, and Marion11:24 minutesGrannies, Orgasms, Orgy
The sex machines 0

The sex machines

2021-08-19Christina, Grandma Viola, and Marion61:56 minutesLesbian, Orgy, Swinger