Alexa Gold

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Alexa Gold was supposed to represent a US American film production in Europe. As a real party girl, she was supposed to inspire the party film industry again under her name. First, Alexa Gold quickly made a name for herself in Germany as a gang bang party girl and produced numerous films with her. After the name Alex Gold was known in Germany, the filming of their own series should begin.

But with the beginning of their film series "Apocalypse Alexa" there were first problems that had a negative impact on further cooperation. After a two-and-a-half-year collaboration, the roads parted and Alexa disappeared completely from the scene.

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1.58 meters (ca. 5β€²2β€³)
Size of dress:
33 (according to EU standard)
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Lick my vagi 0

Lick my vagi

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A small ass is fucked quickly!

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Cum for the bitch

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Analchen and the wild guys #1

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Blowjob in the hospital

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Bitch alarm

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She's fucking again

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Horny service girl in a sling 0

Horny service girl in a sling

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