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Lara is a 43-year-old fitness trainer from Düsseldorf who also works in hardcore films. With her well-trained figure and her great tits, she delights the men. You can't tell that she is a mother from her body. A great woman.

Marcella is a 45-year-old mother of two from Prague, who has appeared in a number of hardcore films. She lives out her lust in front of the camera, she knows almost no taboos and it is always fun to fuck her.

Mona is a 44-year-old housewife from Hesse who only sporadically approaches the camera. She is the absolute star at private swinger and fuck parties because she can be fucked without compromise. With her heavy tits and receptive ass, she is the ideal pleasure mare.

Jil is a 49-year-old mom from Hagen who works as a hobby whore and hardcore model at times. Jill has fantastic tits and a super hot body. Jill is always worth a fuck.

Nicole is a 34 year old housewife with a *****. She once participated in a Gang Bang Party film shoot, after which she was never seen again.

Michaela is a 54-year-old slave who lives in a dependency relationship. For her master, she goes on the grain and shows up in front of the camera. She can be mistreated or fucked, just as the master commands. What sounds so hard and cruel is exactly what she wants. And so she lives happily ever after the last order.

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